October’s Circle

I was unable to attend the Circle in October because I went to the Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference, which was fabulous! And my sproutling Bunny attended with me! I had first invited my youngest sproutling Gemini, because she’s actually the one who’s truly interested in herbs, but she couldn’t get off work… =-( But Bunny had a great time, and was very impressed that it was actually about sooo much more than “just” herbs!

The herb conference is an inclusive, diverse, well-thought-out event that includes all who self-identify as “woman”. Some of the class titles this year were “Earth Medicine 101”, “Green Allies for Maidens to Crones”, “The Sacred Art of Plant-Based Skincare”, as well as classes titled “Urban Herbalism”, “Healthcare Injustice & Herbalism”, and “Overcoming Racial & Social Determinants”. And those are just a small sample of the SIXTY-THREE classes/workshops! There were so many classes that it was difficult deciding which ones to go to and which ones to miss.

The conference was held at the Kanuga Conference and Retreat Center in Hendersonville, NC. It’s located on 1,400 acres, with a lake in the center. It’s just beautiful! I would definitely recommend everyone to go to the Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference… but this may have been the last year it’s been held. The owner/organizer of the conference, Corinna Wood, is selling the conference and transitioning to other endeavors in her life. If you have any interest, the website for the conference is here, and Corinna’s email is here.

The topic for October’s Circle was “Astrology” and Meredith Swaim of Meredith’s Lucky Stars held the Circle. People who attended said she had a GREAT presentation, and she even looked at each person’s natal chart and basically gave a short reading for everyone. Everybody loved it!

The topic for November’s Circle is “Grief”, presented by Suzanne on the 10th. The topic for December’s Circle is “Fear & Self-Defense”, presented by Amber and Gemini on the 8th. I will be absent from both Circles because my spouse & I will be traveling. I hate when I can’t attend Circle, but I know I’m leaving y’all in good hands. =-) I’ll miss you all!

Love – Willow

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