Monthly Circle

 (A person) “… needs to connect within with a rootedness, substance, and strength that can ground (them) and fill (them) with a sense of what (they) were, are, and may become. Each (person) needs to come to new awareness of (their) own (person)hood… Each (person) must go through the slow process of discovering who (they) are and of bringing (them)self to birth… and bringing (their) own individual life to manifest form in a way that expresses the power, substance, and wisdom of the Archetypal Feminine within (them)self.”

– Judith Duerk in Circle of Stones 

(adjusted to include the entire gender spectrum)  

Our next Monthly Circle is 

Sun. June 14th, 2020,   

2:00 to 4:00

at my house in Concord, NC

For June’s Circle we will have general discussion, probably mostly about how we’re feeling in today’s “times”.

(And you don’t have to talk if you don’t want to.)

Just come as you are!


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Next Circle is June 14th, 2020.

Starting promptly at 2:00, and ending around 4:00.

General Discussion, mostly around how we’re feeling &/or coping.

Meeting @ my home in Concord, NC


 Wear whatever makes you feel happy.

You may want to bring your own water bottle.

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This Circle is about Love.

Love and respect are the basic elements for this Circle. If you hang out with “all types” of people; if you believe everyone deserves to be “seen and heard”; if you know that all people are worthy of Love; if you believe all emotions are valid, then you may have found your Circle. If you’ve been looking for a place where you can just be yourself, then come give this Circle a try!

We discuss various topics each Circle, but it seems like we always mention periods (even though all members don’t menstruate or have wombs).  

Sometimes we have an “art project” or a “workshop” or a “guest speaker”. 

Sometimes we have deep discussions about feelings, sometimes we stay light and silly, and sometimes we have a mixture of both.

We usually begin with a small moment to breathe, and we each introduce ourselves (or at least speak your own name into the Circle).

Feel free to “come as you are” and/or to dress in whatever way makes you happy.

We meet the second Sunday of every month at my home in Concord NC,

 from 2:00 to 4:00.

The address will be provided in the 2-week reminders & the 2-month reminders.

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Why circle

People around the world throughout time have gathered in Circle:  to discuss anything & everything & nothing; to laugh with abandon; to cry without shame; to learn from each other; to pass on generational wisdom; to be heard; to combat boredom; to feel like we finally belong; to feel respected; to be held physically and/or energetically. Each person has their own personal reasons for wanting to gather with others. Perhaps you’ve been longing for something… but don’t even know what you’re yearning for…

  • to honor & celebrate one another
  • so experiences & feelings can be 'held' in the safe space of Circle
  • for support for self & others and to share goodwill

What You Might Experience

Each Circle is different, depending on who attends, the energies in the room, the alignment of the planets and the phase of the Moon…

Just try to remind yourself that Life is a process: you’re probably not going to like everything, but you’re very probably not going to hate everything either… Just try to keep an open mind about it each time. And please be willing to hold yourself and others in a place of Love and Deep Understanding.

  • a feeling of being held and heard and seen
  • feelings and emotions you may or may not be ready to have in front of others today
  • or you may be closed-off to the whole environment that day and not experience anything positive... and that's okay too.
Various Topics each Month

We meet the second Sunday of every month.
Topic History:
July 2019 = Holding Space w/Willow
August 2019 = Feeling All Our Feelings w/Bunny & Willow
September 2019 = Gender & Sexuality w/guest speaker Rebby
October 2019 = Astrology w/guest speaker Meredith
November 2019 = Grief presented by Suzanne
December 2019 = Fear & Self-Defense w/Gemini & Bunny


All topics are open to discussion in this Circle. Even "taboo" subjects are talked about. If you're easily embarrassed, you may not be comfortable here. If you're open to"everything", this may be your Safe Space to drop into.

Emphasizing Self-Love & Self-Care

"How you gonna love somebody if you don't love yourself, Honey?!" -The Most Excellent RuPaul

Encouraging Each Other

We are here to lift each other up!
"The circle of people around us weave invisible nets of Love
that carry us when we're weak
and sing with us when we're strong."