March’s Circle

Hello Beautiful!

We experienced March’s Circle outside! It was a glorious day! The sunshine is so good for my spirit! Thank you for that.

Well, you asked me to send you a link to some EFT tapping (EFT = Emotional Freedom Technique) sites, so:

That ^ is The Tapping Solution with Nick and Jessica Ortner (brother & sister). They were one of my first introductions to tapping. This link gives the science behind tapping, the points to tap, and a lot of other information.


Donna Eden’s husband, David Feinstein is a PhD psychologist, and he is helping spread EFT and the science of EFT. He has a book, and there are a few videos about tapping at this link:


Here’s a YouTube video by Dr Kim D’Eramo
She talks alot… But she shows/explains the tapping spots at 3 minutes 40 seconds, and she begins actually tapping at about 5 minutes 15 seconds:

There are lots of tapping videos by lots of experts on YouTube. Just search “EFT tapping” in the search bar and you’ll see lots of folx: Abiola Abrams, Dawson Church, Julie Schiffman, Nick Ortner, Jessica Ortner, Dr Joseph Mercola, Jack Canfield, Gabrielle Bernstein, Brad Yates, EFT Universe (which is, I believe, Dawson Church), and a SHIT ton of people I’ve never heard of. Also, you can find videos on just about any subject you can think of…

Find somebody whose voice you like, or whose style you prefer, or whichever subject you think you might like to work on, and try it! What have you got to lose?! Um. Pain, anxiety, stress, migraines, sleeplessness, etc, etc, etc. =-)


If you’re interested in seeing someone in person for tapping & psychology, Dr Damon Silas is in the Charlotte region:



Okay! What else did we talk about?!

Natives/Choctaw indians/Jamie Sams’ books, “The 13 Original Clan Mothers”, and her other book, “Dancing the Dream”, and her (oracle/tarot) cards, “Medicine Cards”.

We spoke briefly about the retreat place where Suzanne went in Clyde, NC, called The Homestead Retreat at Horse Fork:


We talked about Bunny and their Art/Photography. They take film photos of Nature and of Nudes in Nature. So we also talked about nudity. If you are (or someone you know is) interested in hanging out with other nude people, check out Bunny’s site (look for the “Nude Gatherings”):

(Not Safe For Work)


We talked about emotions, especially fear.
We talked about movement, and how it’s good for the body, but also for the emotions. “Just shake it OFF!!!”

We talked about Grounding. We talked about one way to ground when you can’t get outside is to take a stainless steel spoon and rub it all over the bottoms of your feet.
Another way to Ground yourself is to tap (like you’re drumming your fingers on a table, but not too hard) on the orbital bone just under your eye, in line with the iris. That’s an acupuncture point that’s the first point on the Stomach Meridian. The Stomach Meridian is governed by the Earth element, and it helps us ground our energy.
The “easiest” way to ground is to simply walk barefoot on the earth. We exchange ions with the earth, much like we exchange air with the trees. Symbiosis!

We also talked about trauma – both Trauma (called “big-t trauma”) and trauma (called “little-t trauma”). We talked about how both are impactful and valid, and both affect us in so many ways. In this competitive world, we tend to think, “Oh, my trauma wasn’t really bad. Not like their Trauma.” But! All trauma is trauma. Trauma is felt in the body and affects the body. And Stress is also considered as trauma by the body. So is not-enough-sleep.
We also talked about how trauma and emotions that aren’t dealt with can cause stuck energy, and how stuck energy can cause pain and then can progress on to dis-ease.

We also talked about work and issues at work, and that trauma, and value and honor. We spend so much of our life at work, and that can greatly affect us in so many ways.

We got up and moved. We first took off our shoes and stood barefoot in the grass. Then, we started moving; shaking the body, stomping the feet, swaying, letting the arms sway with the body, making figure 8s with the arms, etc.

WE TALKED ABOUT SO MUCH in the 2 1/2 hours we were together! I really love and appreciate my time with all of you! Thank you for showing up. Thank you for listening and contributing and just BEING there!
Let’s do it again soon!  (The next Circle is April 12th, 2:00 to 4:00, or longer if you feel like hanging around.)  =-)

Love Always –

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