February’s Circle

We talked about Energy, Meridians, and so many things during February’s Circle! Here’s a re-cap and a bunch of links:

Betsy kindly sent me the info about her “Menopause Doctor”:
Dr Maureen Beurskens 704-446-1700
Betsy also said that she found her thru an AARP article with a reference to the North American Menopause Society (NAMS). Here’s the link so you can find a practitioner in your area:


Play around! Have fun with all of this!

Donna Eden, tracing the Meridians on YouTube:


(She talks a lot in this one, so I tend to go elsewhere after I saw it the first time.)  If you’ll click on her main page, you can see the TONS of videos they have for allllllll kinds of “issues”. I love bouncing around her YouTube. If your Energy doesn’t really “flow” with her Energy, there are other reputable people who also have Energy videos.  Just look around and find someone you do “flow” with.

Prune Harris tracing the Meridians on You Tube:


She also has a lot of videos on Energy work. (I haven’t looked at any of them yet…  I just use this one to quickly trace my Meridians.)

Donna’s Daily Energy Routine:


(I swear I’m not selling her stuff!) lol  =-)  It has a couple things we didn’t do, but you can just pick & choose which ones feel best in your body. 

We mentioned Wim Hof for different breathing techniques:


I mentioned Lauren Walker and her Energy Medicine Yoga books. She has some videos that go along with her latest book. I like that I can “accomplish” 2 things at once – Yoga AND Energy work! Here’s a link to her videos, and I would recommend just scrolling down to “Chapter 4: Foundation Practices”, and trying that for a few mornings in a row. It’s a 30 minute routine: 


We also mentioned “The Goop Lab” on Netflix.  Fair warning, though… I just typed Goop Lab in YouTube’s search and everybody on there says “It’s a fraud!” I’ve seen every episode, and I have no idea what they’re all yelling about.  LOL!(I guess I’m drinking the cool-aid.)   =-)

I mentioned a documentary, “Yoga, the Architecture of Peace” that’s on Netflix. (I probably should also mention that it’s also about a male photographer.)

We talked a little about Pendulums.  

We talked a little about the book, “Earthing” by Clinton Ober.

I showed you how to do the “Brazilian Toe Technique” to help us sleep. As a reminder: Start with Finger 3 on Toe 3, then Finger 4 on Toe 4, then Toe 5, then Toe 2, and finally Toe 1, holding each toe for 2 to 3 minutes each.  
Lauren Walker has a video of the Brazilian Toe Technique. Look for “Chapter 7” and it’s the last technique of that series of videos. She only demonstrates how to do it, much like I did. The video only lasts around 3 minutes, and it’s a nice demo:


I said that Figure 8s are very good for our Energy. You can do them anywhere, and in every way & in every direction: swaying your hips in figure 8s, swinging your arms in figure 8s (vertically, horizontally, etc), moving your eyes in figure 8s, drawing figure 8s with a pencil, pen, crayon, etc, moving your feet in figure 8s, etc. You can always use your dominant hand (or fingers in a position like you’re holding a pencil) anywhere and everywhere over your body and trace figure 8s Big 8s, little 8s, facing any/every direction. Have fun with it too!

I’m not sure I demonstrated “toweling off our Meridians” very well… Yin Meridians run UP the front & “insides” of the body – the parts of the legs that rub together, and the parts of the arms that don’t really “tan” very much and rub the body, including the underarms and the “palm-sides” of the lower arms, and the palms themselves. Yang Meridians run DOWN the “outer-sides” & the back of the body, the outer sides of the arms, and the top of the hands (the “opposite” of the palms).

I forgot to mention this, but if you’re interested in learning about Meridians, or just where they are and where the acupuncture points are, there’s a site called Yin Yang House:


If you’re still reading, I love you!

I would like to remind everyone that we need to find alternatives to White Sage for smudging.  I like Mugwort and Cedar. You can also smudge with your favorite incense. It’s really about our Intentions and reverence, more-so than what we use/where the smoke comes from.

Send Love to everyone you see!


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