Willow Luna

Willow has been growing and learning so much!

She used to hide or turn around & start going the other way in public if she saw someone she knew.  (“I apologize sincerely if you were one of those people!”)  Also, when asked to do anything, her first reply was always “No.” Now she’s working on saying, “Let me think about that.”

Willow has two grown children, one daughter & one non-binary, and two sisters. “The Universe gave me a daughter & two sisters  because They knew I needed to start having some kind of relationship with women!”

She stopped shaving and wearing bras in October 2016, and was honestly surprised how socially-ingrained those two things are… and how she still feels “some-kind-of-way” about it once in awhile. But she justifies her actions by saying, “I’m giving other people permission to go braless & to stop shaving if they want to!”

Willow has had a steady Yoga practice since 2007. She took her Yoga Teacher Training from Kim Zegil and Tammy Edmonds & became 200-hour certified & YA-registered in May 2012. She also became certified in Yin Yoga with Kim Zegil in February 2019. She reads lots of books on yoga and on meditation, and has tried many different styles of each through the years. She has taught beginners, flow & senior yoga classes, and teaches  meditation classes with her life-partner Herman. She started practicing Energy Medicine Yoga in 2019, and Aerial Yoga in 2020 and LOVES them both!

Willow first felt Energy come to her in 2012 and has been giving sessions to people, dogs & cats (IF they’re receptive to it) since that time. She feels it intuitively, and that it comes from a place of Love. She accomplished her Usui Reiki Level I certification in June 2016 through Christina Bonner, and Usui/Tibetan Reiki Level II through Brittany Urbansky in November 2017.

She has been self-studying nutrition and practicing the Autoimmune Protocol/Paleo lifestyle since October 2015. She’s been making her own fermented vegetables, kombucha & bone broth,  and experimenting with wild-yeast mead and water kefir as well. “It’s not rocket science! If cave people could make it without any ‘special equipment’ then I should be able to do that too!”

Willow has been holding a private Women’s Circle since January 2016 in her home, and opened it up to the public and the gender-spectrum in July 2019. That’s true growth, because when she first started the Monthly Circle, she was terrified, and thought she’d only do it for a couple of  months!

She became interested in herbs & herbalism in 2014 and has been self-studying since. She attended the Southeast Wise Women’s Herbal Conference in 2018 and  again in 2019. She drinks a stinging nettles (“Urtica dioica”) infusion every day. “Who needs vitamins when you have Nettles?”

Willow changed her name in March 2019. She continues to follow where her intuition leads.  Come join her and see what happens next!

Willow has many labels:

Daughter, sister, girlfriend, wife, mother, auntie, friend, woman, Leo Sun, Taurus Rising, curious, patient, slow, open to new ideas, “woo-woo”, alternative, shy, singer, dancer, inquisitive, sewist, flighty, funny, unique, painter, beader, quiet, embroiderer, artist, cook, driver, caretaker, lover, helper, Energy worker, giver of long hugs, experimenter,  student, teacher, military veteran, a card-carrying (“like a pedigree dog or a fine race horse… don’t get me started!”) card-carrying  member of the Choctaw Nation, and a Space Holder, among other things…

And many hobbies & interests:

Cooking, ironing, all things Herbs, fermenting veggies, making Kombucha, Astrology, Tarot & oracle cards, Energy work, painting w/acrylics & occasionally watercolors, Paleo/AIP, Energy Medicine Yoga, vegetable & herb gardening, Art, drum circles, birds, Earth-based Spirituality, Mead-making, sewing, beading, quilt-making, Numerology, words, how languages are similar and how words change, Women’s health, Shamanism, Symbology, meditation, yoga, aerial yoga, being out in Nature, crystals & rocks, the Moon & rituals for Her, the Ocean/beach, reading, reading, reading, (I could list so many other things!) and

striving to always be BAREFOOT AND BRALESS!