Month: September 2019

September’s Circle

September’s Circle was very interesting and informative. The topic was “Gender & Sexuality”, and we had 2 guest speakers: Rebby who goes by “they/them/their” pronouns, and a “regular attendee” Bunny who goes by “they/them/their” pronouns. “What the hell are you talking about, Willow?!” Well, first of all, I’m talking about the gender-spectrum, and second of …

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August’s Circle

In August, we talked about “Feeling All Our Feelings”, or how people have a tendency to ignore Feelings by using “coping strategies” (really avoidance techniques) so we don’t have to experience our feelings. Some people use perusing-the-internet, or reading books, or scrolling FB/IG on their phone to “hide” and avoid certain feelings. Some people use …

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